Riverside Neighborhood Garage Sale Day
Saturday, July 14

This is the perfect opportunity to clean the garage and actually make room for the car (imagine that!). If you enjoy the thrill of hunting for treasure - you won't want to miss this. With so many sales happening in one neighborhood - you never know what treasures you'll discover. Garage Sale Registration Form

Community Crime Map

Community Crime Map connects law enforcement with the community to reduce crime and improve public safety. Crime mapping helps the public get a better idea of the crime activity in their area so they can make more informed decisions about how to stay safe.

Your House has a History

Have you ever wondered who lived in your house, what they did for a living or if your house looked different before? Our guest speaker in January was Lisa Labovitch, a historian in the Northwest Room of the Everett Public Library. Lisa presented how to get started with researching your home and what resources are available.

Riverside Neighborhood Historic Walk

With this brochure you can tour Riverside and learn about homes and properties that are steeped in history. Designed by Steve Fox and funded from the City of Everett Community Sparks program. Download the 11"x17" brochure or pick up your copy at the downtown branch of the Everett Public Library, or at a Riverside Neighborhood meeting.